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* P.1 & P.2 Gr.11 Chemistry Univ. (SCH3U)    (Click here)
* P.3           Gr.10 Science               (SNC2D)    (Click here)

Extra Help/ Updates

1) Lunch Time/ After school Help: On most days I am available to help students

    with Science work/questions at lunch or after school. Students can simply drop by

    any time. I'm normally found in the Science office (rm 209).

2) Email Updates: If a parent would like an update on their child's progress (marks or
    attendance) or would like recommendations then please email me at following:

3) Phone Call/ Mark update/Attendance: I welcome parents to call me at the 
    school (705-424-5030) to determine their child's progress or to discuss
    options for improvements. 
    Best times to reach me are:

       a) Prep...9:45-10:35
       b) Lunch *10:55am -11:30

       c) After the bell at 2:30 (I coach volleyball at 2:45)




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